4 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Local Marketing

Posted on December 18, 2013

Is it any wonder why YouTube is one of the highest trafficked sites on the web? Video is easy to consume, making difficult concepts easy to understand. Customers don’t haPC: roeyahramve to read complicated text. Just click and watch.

In 24 hours, the world watches over 3 billion hours of footage. That’s 340,000 years of video. In one day. Combine that with the 1 trillion videos watched on Youtube in 2012 and you will see why video is 6x more effective than print and direct mail. Now let’s triple the power of this paragraph by adding another fact: the statistics I just cited came from infographic videos on YouTube. Boom.

Video is powerful. Why? Because good videos make great teachers. People remember 50% of what they see in a video. That’s 30% more than written content, which has a 20% retention. And, videos keep people’s attention: websites with videos keep visitors 300 seconds longer than websites with just written text.

No matter what your local small business focuses on, there is opportunity to enhance your website and local marketing with video. Here’s four ways you can use video in your local marketing strategy.

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Learning What’s Behind the Curtain 

Let’s say you make custom furniture. You craft tables and chairs and armoires from scratch. You have a method, a staff of talented builders, and, of course, your finished furniture.

Visitors to your website would love to see how this furniture is made. They would love a “behind-the-scenes” story: how you use bevel-edge chisels to cut acute angles, why you would use this chisel over that, what these chisels e

ven are. You may take these things for granted because you see them everyday. But to the average consumer, they are another way to get closer to your company and understand what makes you different.

Local marketing thrives on these interactions. A visitor who sees your product’s story is a potential customer who will become a part of that story. A behind-the-scenes video, then, invites potential customers inside, and says “would you like to help?”

Consider Wootten, a custom shoemaker in Australia. His business, making leather products from scratch, is unique, personal, and pretty awesome. He has his story: “Forty years on, Jess continues his father’s tradition of fine shoes coupled with excellent service.” And he has his process. On film (click here to watch).

Notice how this film is constructed. We go into Jess’s workshop, where the boots and chisels lie. We see his plans, his tools, his leather machinist arpon. Everything from his dog stealing leather to the colors of his leather point to his authenticity and personality. We see his story, his business, his life.

And that’s the art of local marketing: there is something unique about your business, something you should tell the world. And, in the 21st century, video marketing is a the best way to amplify your voice.

Show off product features   

But let’s say your product is not entirely unique. You sell shoes, but you don’t hand craft them like Wootten. Your shoes, you think, are familiar to all. Can video enhance the local marketing of an ordinary business?

Absolutely. Good videos make familiar things new again.

No matter how ordinary your product, show off its features via video. Don’t let your local marketing suffer because you think your product is too ordinary. Teach us something new. Present data, statistics, and numbers in a clear and creative way. Stretch our imaginations.

For instance, how would you market razors? Every superstore sells razors at decent prices, and big brands would seem to squash any small razor business’s local marketing.

PC: abeckstrom

But one business, Dollar Shave Club, changed the razor business. With one video.

Founder Michael Dubin introduced the world to his razors with this one goofy video. “They’re not good,” he says. “They’re “f***cking great.” Mike takes us through his warehouse, telling us to stop wasting money on big brands and start paying $1 for his razors. He’s funny, ironic, and informative, a combination that won him 12.5 million views on YouTube and 220,000 likes on Facebook.

Two days after he published his video, Mike received 12,000 orders. Today, one year after his video went live, Dollar Shave Club has over 200,000 subscribers.

Again, video is powerful. If you can harness Youtube for your local marketing, you  will get noticed.

Introduce Employees

PC: abeckstromVideo marketing is a good way to get attention. But local marketing should not be just you and your product. It should involve everyone who makes the product happen, including  your employees. 

Spotlight your employees. After all, they’re the ones that will ultimately work with the client. Maybe you have a particularly smart or charismatic owner, or salesperson on staff. Get them on camera introducing themselves, answering questions, or talking about why the customer should buy from you. “Humanize” your brand and this will help customers open themselves up to you.

PC: oskayCreate How-to videos

“How-to” videos are the perfect way to communicate with your customer after they buy your product. Is your product hard to assemble? Show us how-to put it together. Does your product need ongoing maintenance? Educate your customer on the upkeep of your product. Can your product be used in creative ways? Show customers your insight.

Let’s look at another example: Big Green Egg. Their website has dozens of videos explaining egg maintenance and upkeep. And, they have recipes prepared by a Big Green Egg expert. Unique recipes. From Lemon Cornish Hens to Greek Shrimp & Orzo Salad, Green Egg experts break down recipes and feed you their knowledge slowly.

The beautify of how-to videos is in the “replay” button. If you don’t understand the first time, replay the video. If you don’t understand a third, replay it. Slow down the video. Stop to take notes. Slowly inhale the knowledge you’re presented.

Photo By GregTheBusker

 Local Marketing with Video

Local marketing with video is an educative act. You have something to give the customer, something connected to your product. As such, it is a creative act, as well. The opportunities to use video in your local marketing are tremendous – and so are the potential profits.

What ideas do you have for local marketing with video?


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