5 Traits of the Best Mobile Job Applications

Posted on July 9, 2015

Like the movement of tectonic plates, the digital age has shifted everything. With more and more people using smartphones for computing and online activities, franchises are evolving to mobile applications.

But before jumping into the new age hiring process, make sure you’re familiar with the 5 traits all mobile applications should possess:

Simplicity: Mobile Friendly.

It goes without saying that an application without simplicity is a waste of words: applications are not meant to be complex. They’re not meant to be tests. You’re simply gathering the essentials of your applicants in a nice, organized way.

Let’s take this a step further. Mobile applications need to fit the accepted style of mobile simplicity – known as mobile friendly.

There are two basic rules for mobile simplicity. First, always keep your application concise. Too many words, jumbled text and long paragraphs exhaust the brain. This can work on paper, but it won’t work for mobile.

Second, make sure your concise text fits the mobile device. When the candidate has to constantly zoom in to read the text or the application is too stretched or too small, your mobile job application is difficult to use.

78% of candidates would apply to jobs from mobile if the process was simplified. Make your job applications mobile-friendly, and you’ll see better results.

Tested (free of error).

This is where you get to be the scientist, when you can test your mobile application.

After you’ve created your mobile job application, apply to your job yourself. Ask your friends, spouse, and kids to apply. Look for mistakes such as comma splices, spelling or functional errors.

Also, make sure the application fits the mobile format. Test it on an iPhone, Android, Galaxy, iPad, Kindle, any mobile device.


Whether a computer crashes, or a mobile device dies, no one wants his work to be erased. Nothing is more frustrating than to fill out an application and have it erased by accident.

The best mobile job applications are saveable. Each application has an application number that applicants can use to reboot the application process. An even better feature is an automatic save. Every few minutes, or every time the applicant changes pages, the application saves itself.

Quick Loading.

The point of having mobile applications is to give applicants a quicker way to apply and you more applicants to choose from.

So if your application loads slowly, you have a major problem. A slow mobile application is about as useful as a car without an engine. You can still push it, but every push will be more frustrating than the last.

Integrated into the Website.

You don’t want your mobile job application to be a PDF, nor do you want it to be a JPEG, PNJ, or JIF. The point of a mobile job application is not to download an image and print. The point is to fill out the application online.

Okay, this should be obvious. But let’s take this a step further. Not only should the application be available online, but it should also be connected to your website, not associated with some third party. In other words, the application should be an extension of your website: all aspects of your brand, whether color, text, or organization, should be associated with the job application.

Yes, these are nice, but how can I apply these?

The five tips above may have exhausted you. How can I make my application simple, fast, and saveable? How do I test it? How can I integrate it into my website?

Well, to be fair, it isn’t easy. To have an impressive job application, it takes some expertise.

To make the mobile application process easier, tools like the LocalMark web-based system allow you to manage the entire hiring process from one log-in. For more info or to request a demo, contact LocalMark at 855-851-6362 or complete our online form.



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