9 Reasons Why Zoe’s Kitchen Does Content Marketing Right

Posted on January 21, 2015

In Greek, “Zoe,” ζωή, means “life,” and, indeed, the Mediterranean styled franchise, Zoe’s Kitchen, is full of life. With made-from-scratch recipes, with a cool Mediterranean-colored milieu, Zoe’s Kitchen has quickly expanded its franchise from Pennsylvania to Arizona.

Though they haven’t been around long, they have a kick-ass website that deserves attention. From blog articles to recipes, from localized menus to high quality graphics, Zoe’s content marketing is spot on.

So here are nine things we like about the content marketing of Zoe’s Kitchen.

Zoe’s Kitchen Does Content Marketing Right

1. Sublime Simplicity: A Great First Impression.   

First, go to the Zoe’s Kitchen website.

Immediately, I encounter fresh colors, villas on the coast, olives rolling from the right corner, and lots of “click” options. Admittedly, lots of options can be a tad bit overwhelming. But Zoe’s Kitchen counterbalances the options with simple text and easy to follow guidance. Want to visit the blog? Click on the blog button. Want a job? Click the career button. Want food? Order online.

Additionally, I don’t feel scattered brain. In other words, the website doesn’t ask me to do a lot. “Click here,” “Sign up for our newsletter,” “Help save a dolphin’s life.” Whenever I encounter popups, or tons of text, I’m overwhelmed to navigate. Feeling scattered, I usually leave the site.

Zoe’s Kitchen balances text with images, leaving a sublimely simple first impression.

2. The Graphics Reflect Zoe’s Brand.   

After my first impression, I then notice the graphics and designs. Because Zoe’s is a restaurant, their focus is food. And because they are a Mediterranean restaurant, their designs and images reflect Greek and Italian culture.

In short, Zoe’s uses graphics to express their brand identity.

In the information age, this is super important. We are constantly bombarded with words and links and headlines. We are constantly assailed with more and more information, desensitizing us to the content of that which we read. Instead of a visual representation of the brand, we are given a verbal expression of it. Now, verbal expression is fine. But without visuals, you lose your audience quicker.

3. Most of the Content is Above the Fold.

In addition to graphics and a great first impression, this homepage has an ordered simplicity: most of the content is above the “fold,” or located on the page before you scroll down.

I can easily navigate between the home page and the various pages connected to it. No problems, no worries.

4. They Integrate Social Media on their Home Page. 

When I scroll to the bottom, I easily find their social media buttons.

But that’s not all.

In addition, I see an “Instagram” bar with photos linked to the hashtag, #sharethegoodness. I love this idea, and when I click on the photos, I immediately find people sharing their meals, or taking pictures in front of Zoe’s Kitchen, or  even people sending thank you messages.

Whenever franchises integrate social media on their home page, they are sure to win followers. For, you show your fan base you care about their opinions.

5. Customers can find their Local Menu. 

On the home page, you’ll find, at the bottom left of the scroll screen, a button called “Find your Local Zoe’s Menu.” By typing in your zip code, you can find not only the address and phone number of your local Zoe’s but also the local menu.

Why, you ask, is this important?

According to the U.S. State Department, American businesses lose $50 billion annually in potential sales because of problems with localization. This could be anything from failure to engage with local customers, failure to understand the culture of a location, or failure to share your brand’s story with a locale.

So, though it’s a small step, having a local menu certainly helps localize the Zoe’s franchise.

6. Download the “Zoe’s Kitchen” App. 

When I downloaded the “Zoe’s Kitchen” app, I was thoroughly impressed with the design and function. You can easily scroll between the tabs, easily read the text, and easily see inspirational pictures.

What I love most, however, is its usefulness. With this app, I can track life goals, take pictures at select Zoe’s Kitchen locations, submit a receipt, and order food.

7. Their Website is Mobile Responsive. 

With 6.8 billion people owning a mobile device, the future is mobile.

With so many people using smartphones to visit websites, the website that doesn’t respond is the website that fails to sell.

Franchises that depend on websites for sales must have a mobile site that greets users with a smile, not confusion. Mobile users are doubling, tripling, quadrupling, quintupling. If you’re website does not receive them well, consider those people lost, frustrated, or dissatisfied.

Zoe’s Kitchen does it right. When you look at their website from your smartphone or tablet, the menu fits the screen. And, most important, the mobile site uses Mediterranean colors and sublime graphics.

8. They Post Helpful Articles on their Blog. 

First off, I applaud Zoe’s Kitchen for even having a blog. Though blogging drives 55% more traffic to a website, too many franchises choose to market without one. And in our digitally informed culture, this can be dangerous, if not deadly.

Zoe’s Kitchen, however, has a great blog.

From “Planning the Menu for your Next Party” to Mediterranean styled recipes, from “World Vegetarian Day,” to news about the franchise, Zoe’s Kitchen offers helpful and relevant blog articles to fit the needs of their targeted audience. Though they could post more, they are certainly content marketing the right way.

9. They Have a Simple Tagline. 

“Simple. Tasty. Fresh!”

Easy to remember, fun to say, Zoe’s tagline both keeps it simple and effectively markets the brand. Too many franchises overcomplicate things with their tagline. Don’t be one of them.

How We Could Help Zoe’s Kitchen. 

LocalMark is software designed for franchises who want to localize their brand.

For Zoe’s Kitchen, we would first create websites for their all their franchisees.

Secondly, we would encourage Zoe’s to publish more relevant content. Though they have a blog, and though they publish at least once a week, they could definitely publish more recipes.


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